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Testimonial 1

I had two charges against me and Mario Arras was able to dismiss the more severe charge of the two. I am glad to have met Mario because of his knowledge of the law and the determination he has when it comes to the case. Without his help I probably wouldn't be where I am today. Cesar G.

Testimonial 2

I stumbled upon Mr. Arras, Esq.  He doesn't look like your average attorney, no sir.   Actually, he looks like a gym buff which makes for an imposing figure in court.  He has a tendency to get what he wants and what's fair. That's what you need when you find yourself in predicaments by the way and why when trouble lurks you can count on Mario. Steven K.

Testimonial 3

 Mario has provided a service to me that is incalculable. He has not only handled my case in the best way possible, he has provided a sense of calm in the storm. He is very caring and attentive. He lead me through the process with confidence and assurance that my rights were being protected and my concerns were heeded. In Mario, you truly have an advocate. Jason K.

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